Nominations for Duke Summer Reading

Nominations are being accepted for the next Duke Summer Reading selection:

Duke Student Affairs explains, “A summer reading selection is designed to create a common touchpoint for incoming students. A copy of the selected book will be sent to all first-year students at the beginning of July….The book is used as a part of the orientation welcome week activities, which will include small group discussions and a visit from the author.”

Meeting about Research Funding

On Tuesday, November 5th, 4-6 pm, in the FHI Conference Room, Smith Warehouse Bay 4,  we would like to gather those of us who run small centers or are holding non-departmental symposia and
conferences, etc., and who have encountered difficulties in recent
years.  These difficulties may include having been told that funding will be
forthcoming only if faculty agree to participate in an administrative
initiative requiring surplus bureaucracy, non-intellectual criteria
for participants, and so forth. Given that a number of us have run into
the same roadblocks in seeking support for our research projects, we
thought we might meet and try to develop some strategies for dealing with
this problem.

Duke Provost Search

Duke HFC hopes to encourage a number of Humanities faculty to be
present to discuss the search for the next Provost at the Academic Council
meeting on Thursday, September 19, at 3:30 pm in 0012 Westbrook Building
(Divinity School). To reverse the trend of recent years, we clearly need a
Provost who recognizes the centrality of the Humanities in educating future
generations of creative and critical thinkers. So please consider turning up to
make your voice heard!

Here are the instructions from the notice for the meeting:

“The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 19, at 3:30 pm in 0012
Westbrook Building (Divinity School). IF YOU WISH TO BE GUARANTEED A CHANCE TO
SPEAK, send an email request to me at with one or two lines
describing the general topic of your remarks. The Executive Committee of the
Academic Council (ECAC) will organize these topics into broad thematic
categories, formulate an agenda, and let speakers know how much time will be
available for their remarks. For each theme, we will aim to have several
speakers deliver their prepared remarks and then allow some time for open
discussion. During the open discussion periods, preference will be given to
members of the Academic Council who wish to speak.”

Whether you wish to speak or not, your presence at that meeting will send a
message. Please attend.